Ulla Sengeløv

Senior Reward Advisor




Royal Danish Airforce
Sergeant  l  Training & Administration

Career highlights

Saxo Bank
Global Head of Compensation & Benefits
Secretary to the Remuneration Committee
Reward partnering

Group Head of Compensation & Benefits
Secretary to the Remuneration Committee

GN Store Nord
Vice President Global Human Resourcess
Secretary to the Remuneration Committee
Global Business Partner l Reward

Ulla has a decade-long experience of effective leadership in global rewards departments. She has a keen understanding of strategic business objectives, and a gift for translating them into fairness-based people policy. She combines clarity of insight with a no-nonsense hands-on approach, and has a gift for finding solutions. Ulla is known for her insightful stakeholder management, cultural awareness and has a proven track record of successful delivery of broad reward matters


Key Competencies

  • Expert in development, implementation and governance of reward programs
  • Expert in implementing job evaluation systems and job architecture
  • Motivation and training of leaders and HR communities
  • Proven track record in refining & improving reward processes
  • Seasoned & trusted advisor to executive management & Board of Directors

Key competences