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Reward Processes

We offer both advisory and operational support for all reward processes. We optimize on the go. When we take on a process we leave a more efficient process behind.

Benchmarking and analysis

  • Optimize salary expenditure
  • Benchmark for competitiveness and fairness
  • Deep insight in systems of all major data suppliers 

Job evaluation and -matching 

  • Interviews for job evaluations 
  • Facilitate job matching sessions 
  • Optimize/Install Job Architecture
  • Work with all major data suppliers 
  • Optimized to your market/region 

Salary Review 

  • Budget and preparation
    • Market data on increase budgets
    • Liaise with HR and Finance
    • Update benchmark data
    • Update eligibility rules
    • Communication with stakeholders
  • Process launch 
    • Train people managers 
    • Monitor and control spend 
  • Reporting 
    • Budget expenditure reports for Management and Remuneration Committee 
  • Communication
    • Salary letters or Total Reward Statements

Annual Bonus payout

  • Preparation
    • Employee ratings are closed and aligned
    • Liaise with Finance on company ratings
    • Update bonus templates
  • Process launch
    • Communicate KPIs
    • Train people managers 
    • Monitor and control spend 
  • Reporting 
    • Budget expenditure reports for management and remuneration committee 

Review and trouble-shooting

  • Review of performance plans 
  • Review of job architecture 


We have worked extensively with and for all the major international data providers. We have deep knowledge of their systems, tools and data. Regardless of which data provider you use, we know how to make their systems work for your needs. 

We not only help you set up benchmarking principles and processes, we also help you communicate. A large part of benchmarking is getting you managers to trust and use your principles and data, – and we know what works. You should not underestimate the communication around benchmarking principles.

HRIS systems are a great support to most rewards process when set up correctly. We can advise you how to set up the system to fit your processes. But a large part of reward processes will always be outside any HR system. It entails approval processes, training material, governance etc. We can help you spot where improvement is needed, what is working for your stakeholders and what is not. 


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