Jannie Laurberg

Jannie’s dedication to pay equity and her strong business acumen are complementary, not conflicting. Throughout a decade-long career as both a people leader in global organizations and a visionary consultant she has proven that people policies built on fairness enhances performance and profitability. It is a strategic advantage that drives success. Jannie serves as working … Read more

Ulla Sengeløv

Ulla has a decade-long experience of effective leadership in global rewards departments. She has a keen understanding of strategic business objectives, and a gift for translating them into fairness-based people policy. She combines clarity of insight with a no-nonsense hands-on approach, and has a gift for finding solutions. Ulla is known for her insightful stakeholder … Read more

Stine Normann

Stine is among the most experienced analysts in the Nordic reward community, specializing in statistical analysis of salary data. For years she managed survey production and design for leading national and international data providers, before starting her own consultancy business specializing in production and design of salary surveys and salary data analytics. As a founding … Read more

Veronica Hoff

Veronica has decades of experience helping businesses formulate and execute effective reward strategies. Through her career she has worked as both an analyst and advisor for leading consultancy houses – some of which she founded herself – as well as  working as leading specialist in prominent reward departments. She combines analytical insight and a keen … Read more